Natasha Gadd: An Insight Into Documentary


A film by Mia Carnovale

Navigate the Australian documentary field through the lens of an award-winning director.

Natasha Gadd is one of the leading figures in Australian documentary cinema. Having worked her way through different pathways of the documentary industry, Natasha shows what goes into directing documentaries, and how she made it into the industry from being a woman with no qualifications. Sharing knowledge and insight from her own fruitful career, Natasha offers viewers an inside-look into documentary filmmaking in Australia.

Though conducted over Zoom instead of in person, I found this interview extremely insightful and inspiring. I’m very interested in documentary as a medium and how the practicality of filmmaking ties in with the ethicality of the stories being told. Speaking to one of the leading names in Australian documentary felt like a privilege to say the least, and Natasha offered me with some amazing words and advice that I couldn’t fit in such a small package.

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