‘Mementos’ follows the arduous task of sorting through a deceased loves ones item. A fathers life told through the eyes of his daughter, a reflection on their relationship told through forgotten items and stories.

The process in making ‘Mementos’ involved delving deep into boxes of my dads items, followed by weeks of experiments to decide what stylistic choices would best represent these items and my feelings towards them and lastly finding photos in my families archive.

From this process I have learnt that your subject does not need to be complex as using more experimental techniques allows you to transform simple concepts and objects. This process has also widened my view of what a documentary can look and feel like.

This film has helped me to explore techniques and topics that at first I was both uncomfortable and afraid to approach but its actually been freeing to discuss and explore these topics and techniques and in turn I hope it inspires someone to make something that scares them.

A film by Grace Savage

rmitmediastudent • June 4, 2021

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