Public Interviews

Gabriella Hills – Artistic Director & Programmer

Art Smitten

Another Bloody Movie Podcast

Thanks to our PR team, Jacob and I – both Artistic Director’s & Programmer’s for MOFF – were lucky enough to join Imogen and Sean on their audio shows, Art Smitten and Another Bloody Movie Podcast respectively (linked above). This was an amazing opportunity for us to speak candidly about the ins and outs of building a film festival, and promote MOFF to their audiences. These interviews occurred ten days out from opening, which meant their release was super timely in reaching potential audience members and gaining traction for the festival.

Both of these interviews got me out of my comfort zone and proved to be an amazing learning curve. It proved the ‘fake it til you make it’ strategy can indeed work. It was also integral to the success of the festival, as it acted as positive publicity. Jacob and I on air had great chemistry, which I believe mirrored the vibe and ethos of MOFF in general. It was also such an easy, quick process. The interviews were set up by our PR team member, and both were done in half a day. Above all else, we had so much fun doing it. Viva la MOFF.

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