Brandan, Dillon, Fraser

0When discussing our script “Basement Dwellers”, our group came to the conclusion that we each wanted to create our own individual interpretations, while still remaining connected in some way. We eventually came up with the idea to structure our film as a series of 3 horror shorts following the same story outline, that would crossover…

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Eliza, Marlon, Niall

Over the semester our group was really focused on the process of creating a short film. With the combination of two scripts, ‘Loser Pays’ & ‘Basement Dwellers’, we wished to focus on creating a production through online means, especially over zoom, rather than trying to create an incredible, show-stopping final film. Our main focus was…

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Caitlin, Jennifer, Sid

Supervising Producer   |   Paul RitchardAt the beginning of this semester, we initially had hope that we’d be able to film and complete this project in person. However, as the likeliness of that scenario dwindled, our group decided that the most effective way to go about remote filmmaking, was to work collaboratively in smaller…

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Bec, Nat, Max

Developing this film has been full of rewarding challenges. Firstly, how would we produce a film separately but together? Eventually the idea of creating the scene 3 times with different tones was formed. Our films were designed so they could exist on their own but also part of a larger narrative. With the studio’s focus…

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Eamon, Eva, Rory, Liam

It is said a fish’s memory resets with every lap of its bowl…  Fish Tank, created by Eamon, Eva, Rory and Liam is a film made up of four scenes that can be viewed individually or as part of a sequential whole. The audience engages with characters Casey and Matt holding a funeral for fish…

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Fifi, Emman, Myles

Our film is a two-scene film, created by joining the two scripts of ‘Old Friends’ and ‘Loser pays’. Both of the scripts caught our attention for their dynamic movement. We decided to merge them into one script to allow the film to take a journey with the two friends and their relationship.  ‘Pals’ is an…

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