Vivian Dobbie-Glazier (s3722829)

My role during the writing part of the studio was as a story producer for episode one. Among other things, this meant I had to make sure the script came together on time while also communicating with other groups around the logistics of where episodes begin and end, continuity episode to episode and upholding the elements of the original source material. This was a completely new experience for me, as I had never put myself into a role like that before. However, even with its stressful moments, I learnt a lot about working within a writer’s room to produce a fully realised script.

During production on episode two, I worked within the roles of audio engineer and editor. I would record the dialogue of the actors playing the characters and then I would edit the dialogue and the foley together to create the scenes from the script.  This was another new experience for me in terms of working with professional audio equipment, the only experience I had had from working in audio was last year where I was restricted with the equipment I had. It broadened my horizons of audio knowledge and crafting professional audio recordings for a final product.

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