Jess Shine – s3842286

For the first half of the semester, I was part of the writers’ room for Episode 2. We were tasked with adapting a pilot television prequel script for the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries franchise into an audio production script, the script being split into a total of four episodes. Within our group, we divided up our episode and adapted our own assigned parts separately while also working together to ensure it all worked.

In our production teams, I worked on Episode 4, which was the hardest to produce in my opinion because it was the final episode. I was head editor for my episode, which I found to both enjoyable and stressful equally. One of the better parts of recording was definitely foley, being in the studio and actually getting down to business, and working with a great team. Editing and post-production are an aspect of the industry that I’d enjoy going into, so this was a great experience for me to have. I’ve gained skills and knowledge surrounding the process of adaptation and gotten experience both in a collaborative writers room environment, and a production team while also being able to work for/with a client to produce a professional production.


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