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This has been a rewarding studio with a demanding turn around for assignments & other work.

Writing: Episode 4

The process for writing episode 4 was a daunting task for me personally as I have never felt too confident as a writer, but I was really happy to be apart of this process regardless. In terms of my contribution, after we allocated parts of the episode to different members I was given the task of drafting the rewrites for the final portion of the finale! I had some difficulty adapting the original text to our audio format, but it was a very fulfilling role that stretched my imagination and I’m thankful that I was able to receive advice and help from my group as well as Mike from EveryCloud & Dan!

Producing: Episode 2

Being a producer for episode 2 meant that I was working apart of one of the most entertaining and creatively fulfilling group dynamics I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing at university. We had a great deal of collaboration in our pursuit of doing the best job of bringing the script to life. My main role in our group revolved around managing how we handled editing parts separately, as well as working with the others to create an overall sound language that we all stuck to, so as to maintain a level of tonal and technical cohesion. Basically meaning that it was really important to us that our scenes all felt like they all belonged together like pieces of a puzzle rather than simply scenes edited by several different individuals. Volume levels, special effects & mixing were all things that I had a hand in overlooking in our edits. In the end, I was the one who edited all the scenes together into the final session. I’m really happy to have worked in this group, and I’m proud of our work together.

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