Luke Evans S3792039

Being apart of the writing group for episode 3 in the first half of the semester, I was stepping into the world of being a writer was exciting, but a little bit daunting. I had never worked on an adaptation like this, which was a of the biggest aspects of working on this episode to go against my instincts of thinking visually then for sound. But with the help of my peers and many rewrites I think we mad an amazing adaption to audio.

During production aspect of the project, I was in group 3 again. This proved to have many pros and cons, I knew the ins and outs of the script I needed to look at the script in a different way to bring it to life. I took on the role of the editor, which I do enjoy but this time I had to learn more skills in this role, with a looming deadline managing time and when edits needed to be done was essential.

After finishing this project, I am proud of what my team has done and this is the direction I can hopefully pursue in my media career.

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