Kaushal Prasad s3599086

I was the Story Producer for Episode 2’s writing team. I was in charge of housekeeping, delegating tasks and liaising amongst my group along with other Story Producers to help keep consistency in scripts throughout all the episodes. I learnt many leadership skills by being a hands on leader and figured out what worked and didn’t for me. Overall, my team finished our tasks smoothly and within the given timeframe.

I was in Episode 1 for the production stage and helped in fixing up some issues that was spotted in the script given to us- that would cause possible problems whilst translating into audio. I used the writing skills I developed in the writer’s room, to come up with some ideas to tackle the problems. I aided in giving some direction to our main actor and learnt how to edit on adobe audition which I had never used before. During the production I had lots of exposure and learning.

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