Let’s go back to the beginning…

Miss Fisher and the Problem of the Prequel Podcast was a story development, scriptwriting, and audio production studio that ran from March to June 2021. Students were tasked with adapting existing intellectual property from a well-known brand into a new format, and producing fully scripted, casted, and produced audio works ready for distribution. Our client for this project was Every Cloud Productions, the company behind the Miss Fisher film and TV franchise, who offered briefings and feedback at various stages of the semester.

In this studio, students worked as part of writing and production teams to generate dramatic content based on a specific brief and for a client: key skills for jobbing creatives as they begin their careers.

Across the course of the studio, in addition to the creative and production work, students dissected and discussed the affordances of audio media, the concept of ‘the cinematic’ and the mechanics of adaptation.

This showcase website features final reflections and behind-the-scenes imagery; select a student at left to view their thoughts!

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