INFLUENCERS ILLUMINATED: An Investigation into the world of influencers

Influencers are one of the most significant products of our social media world but there isn’t much out there about them within academia. Therefore, we wanted to investigate all we could about Influencers through a variety of research methods. Including: The Sensis data, a community survey, micro-interviews with influencers and becoming influencers ourselves.

Linked here are two accounts one of which being our Cat Instagram called @meowmeow_miaomiao where we attempted to become influencers and gather information through the account insights. The other being our main educational account @influencers_illuminated where we shared all our findings in the hope of generating thoughts and discussion.



social media influencer culture& personal branding report

Created by: Cassandra, Kunyan, Madeline, Ruoxi & Shaozi

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