A woman’s day

The main purpose of A Woman’s Day is to promote people’s understanding of the unfairness suffered by women in society. Our characters include women of different races, and we hope that the injustice suffered by these women can be communicated to the players through the game so that they can better understand women. Our game has a storyline. Every woman’s story comes from life. Players experience these stories through reading and make decisions. We give players many options, and every decision the player makes will have different consequences. Players need to make decisions carefully because their decisions will affect the outcome. 

This mobile game is aimed at players all over the world, especially young people who like mobile games. In this era of highly developed globalization, young people are more likely to face women from different races in the future. We hope that this game can promote the formation of their future worldview, so that young people can better understand women of different races in life, and reduce the formation of gender and racial conflicts.

Yu Min, Yi Ling, Yun Rou, Ting Ting

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