Moving Forwards, Backwards

The future holds new technologies that will aid us in our everyday life and hopefully curb problems we have as a collective, like our impact on the environment. But while we embrace new technology, must we first learn to let go of destructive innovations like fossil fuel operated machines and plastic packaging to ensure a greener future?

My intention behind this piece is to illustrate the threat that constant innovation in technology can have if it remains unchecked. We all know the ecological problems caused by excessive plastic use in products and driving cars yet we still use them because of how convenient they are. My belief is that we cannot just wait for scientists and entrepreneurs to fix these problems. To advance as a species into the future, we need to move backwards on our technological timeline, and make use of products that are more environmentally friendly yet basic in nature.

To put it simply, to be able to move forward, we must be able to move backwards.

Created by

Nick Buchanan-Keet


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