By Tom Parolin, Tiani Wiropuspito and Sarah Jones.

Our group chose to address the topical global issue of the mental health crisis. In the not so distant future, our film demonstrates how technology could be implemented as a primary treatment plan for mental health disorders.

Researching the ways in which technology is already assisting mental health treatment, we found Virtual Reality therapy. This therapy is particularly efficacious in treating anxiety related disorders, such as phobias and PTSD. This treatment is considered a form of exposure therapy, as anxiety inducing situations and environments can be simulated and customised depending on the patient. Taking influence from this research, we decided to base our idea around a patient presenting with Claustrophobia due to a traumatic childhood experience. Our film follows the protagonist, Mike, as he attempts to seek relief after having a panic attack at work. Within this alternative future, we have imagined an AI technology which has completely replaced human therapy. We aim to interrogate the humanity of such a treatment. We propose this question for you – Is Mike really cured, or has he now become compliant?

Our group thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating this work. We assigned each other clear roles and deadlines, hosting regular production meetings. We all agree that we have have mainly enjoyed the collaborative aspect of this assignment, as we inspired and learnt from one another. We developed skills in all aspects of production, being forced to work quickly due to the deadline. We believe this aspect of pressure has worked in our favour, as we are the types of personalities that work best with a bit of stress.

We hope you enjoy our film.

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