Echo by Scott Mcdonnell-S3656570

When a Doctor specialising in a revolutionary technology that can record memories starts suffering from memory loss, she questions whether some memories are better left forgotten.

Created by Scott McDonnell, This film explores how technology could be used to record memories, and reintegrate them into the minds of those suffering memory loss. The concept was based on real-world practical studies regarding neural decoding and the theoretical science of brain emulation, though artistic liberties were taken to enhance the cinematic qualities of the film.

It was the intention to blend fictional narrative storytelling and non-fiction documentary. The narrative of Scott Frew is a real memory shared by him and the footage that plays behind him as well as the projection of him in his uniform is from the peacekeeping effort he was a part of from the fifties.  The mix of real and fiction gives the focus on memory more depth and realism to juxtapose the more high concept aspects of the piece, helping it fit the hard sci-fi genre.


Written, directed, edited by Scott McDonnell

Starring Fiona McDonnell & Scott Frew

Strata by Moby. Courtesy of

Shot on Panasonic Lumix G7


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