The Breakfast Bandits

Under the surveillance of AI police officers, five strangers find themselves in a jail cell with an undercover robot. But who is it?

Created by Chiara Watt, Leith Edwards, Lisa Jacobsen, Max Meaden and Patrick Neideck.

The assignment’s prompt was to create a video that focused on an alternative future where a global issue was solved with the use of technology. We decided to explore the issue of crime, creating a fictional world where the justice system has been taken over by the The Algorithm, a sophisticated computer system that detects unlawful behaviours. Robot police officers, referred to as The Enforcers, are controlled by The Algorithm, as humans have been deemed no longer fit to undertake the job. Going with a narrative based plot, we describe our film as a sci-fi comedy, that reflects influences from The Breakfast Club, Guardians of the Galaxy and Blade Runner.

As a group, we had a really great time collaborating to make this film. We delegated tasks early on, and frequently held meetings to organise everything. We worked well together and optimised our strengths during each step of the process. This really highlighted the importance of team work, which is a valuable skill to hold as media practitioners.

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