Mars TV is an ad break on a future television network where companies compete to advertise products and jobs to the people of Earth and Colonies around the solar system.

This video was created through a partnership between Joe, Marlon, and Zane. We wanted to use the assignment as a way to explore various aesthetics and concepts, we thought the perfect way to do this was through an ad break on a future Martian television channel. The bulk of the video is about two Martian colonies competing to get people to move and live there. The assessment is meant to be framed around a utopic vision of the future, where technology is helping humanity progress and solve real world problems faced now. Ours is very much in favour of this vision, but has undertones of a dystopic capitalist vision of the future as well. This underlying thematic current runs through all the ads we have created.

Working on this project allowed us to further develop our skills within After Effects, Premiere, and various other editing software. We discovered new ways to apply the various effects at our disposable. We were heavily inspired by films like Total Recall, The Running Man, and Robocop. These films are all depictions of uber-capitalist futures (well they were depictions of the future, The Running Man is based in 2017) where corporations advertise through propaganda and deception. The process of creating these advertisements allowed us to think more critically about the future and the direction we may be heading in, colonisation of the solar system does present a wide array of solutions to problems we currently face on Earth, like overpopulation, poverty, world hunger, and the rampant greed of industry. Yet this possible utopic vision still carries with it Problems and ramifications we may not be consciously thinking of currently. As a group we believe that the next few decades will be pivotal in deciding the course humanity takes in the next few centuries.


JoongHyuk Joe

Marlon Mckinnon

Zane Giernatowski

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