Tomorrow_Tik Hin Fung_S3738358

Welcome to tomorrow, here is the world leading by A.I. We help the world great and we are so helpful. You don’t need to worry about the future, we will help you to plan your time.

Tomorrow _ Tik Hin Fung Sky _ S3738358.mp4 from Media Factory on Vimeo.

In this assignment 4, my first idea is to want to continue my first and second assignment story. But how I can extend the story is what I need to think about. 

After I design my assignment 4 topics, I start to think about my storytelling. The topic is Tomorrow, so what is tomorrow. For myself, tomorrow is means the future, also means our life, unknown and time. In my idea the future is coming so fast, the humans can’t prepare or really for A.I. They just come into our life so quickly, when I wake up is already in tomorrow. 

In the short film mood, I want to make a blue, gray color, there can make the depression feeling for the screen, I chose the cloudy day to shot this short film. The cloudy day can show the sad, depressed mood, boring mood, laziness and weakness, listlessness feeling. And here can make the people feel in the future the A.I can’t make the humans enjoy their life, maybe can say the A.I is countering the humans.

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