Alternative Futures – ‘HEY LITTLE BUDDY.’

By Brendan Nguyen

In the Year 2050, killer cancer is the thing of the past due to the innovation of cell editing technology but A.I. have replaced patient care from human doctors with tailored consultations based on each person’s “needs”.

All patients analysed and judged by A.I.

Good luck.

The premise of the animation is a young patient is given an A.I. analysis and consultation which chooses to form itself as an innocent animation, but we soon realise it has intentions far from innocent.

This project was a process of creating graphics in Photoshop and animating in After Effects which is new to me and therefore allowed me to learn new skills. It was mostly a back-and-forth process between the two programs as I progressed through the project, following a script as a guideline so I can keep on track. This animation has led to me to a new passion on 2D animation especially using it for comedy as both can complement each other well. Animating graphics, I create myself allows for more freedom and creativity as I can draw up things that would be difficult or impossible to express otherwise which was great in making the production enjoyable and less restrictive.

I was able to explore both cell and gene editing technologies as well as A.I. driven health care that complement each other. Initially attempting to focus mainly on cell editing, I had to find a way to convey this technology, so I decided to do this through A.I. driven care and consultation. Creating an animation was very time consuming and difficult which ultimately taught me better time management which I needed to learn or else I wouldn’t have been able to produce this piece in time which I find to be very important in any creative field. Overall, I had fun throughout the production of this project.


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