Murdoch’s Media Reach

By Elii Emeghebo, Ella Gerrard, Madeleine Hansen, Niesha Happell and Thomas Buckingham

For our assignment, we decided to look into the RMIT ABC Fact Check article, “How large is Rupert Murdoch’s reach through News Corp in Australian media, old and new?” While, as discussed in our podcast, this isn’t a usual fact check, we were intrigued by the information it was presenting. How much does Murdoch really own? And is Kevin Rudd correct, does Murdoch really hold the monopoly?

To explore these questions (and a few others we found along the way) we have created a short piece to camera, a podcast interview and a series of infographics. For our piece to camera, we dive into an overview of the article and look into what Murdoch’s outlets are presenting to their audiences. Going a little deeper, our podcast centres around an interview with David Campbell who is one of the fact checkers responsible for the article we are focusing on. Lastly, our infographics are intended to provide a neat summary of the data we’ve relied on in our other pieces. They focus on where Australian’s are getting their news from, what publications Murdoch actually owns and where these publications are having the largest reach.


Piece to Camera

Podcast with David Campbell






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