COVID-19 Vaccine

Izak Volteas – Harry Chalker – Emma Welsh – Anna Wang

As a group we have worked together to research, develope and fact check a series of articles surrounding the current Coronavirus vaccine. In particular, we have chosen to narrow our studies into two fractions; one surrounding the vaccine rollout in Australia and the other, the safety of the vaccine and the false claims being made surrounding the supposed deaths due to the vaccination. Using one of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s press conference as a catalyst for our discussion, we fact check his claims over our rollout speeds when compared to countries such as Germany and New Zealand, as Mr Morrison states we are in ‘a better stage’ then them. Furthermore, we then shift our research to the safety of the vaccine and debunk the spread of misinformation surrounding vaccine related deaths. Using countries such as Israel, Japan and England as case studies, we highlight the use of misinformation in particular articles in order to shed light on the false claims that the vaccine is causing more harm than good. We reflect our works through a series of mediums such as a piece to camera news report, graphics and a compilation of TikToks. Working collaboratively, we have been able to identify and highlight the use of misinformation in the media and have all gained knowledge surrounding the use of fake news in our everyday lives.


News Report – Vaccine Rollout


Graphics – Vaccine related deaths


TikToks – Vaccine related deaths

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