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Blindfold (Ziyi)

Written by Theodore Tan and adapted by Ziyi Ning The most challenging part of making this film is the storyboard. I found it very difficult to visually present out the idea I have in my head because I am bad at drawing and I am not a very good artist. Therefore, the storyboard I made is very simplistic and…

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Those Men (Chiyo)

Written by Ziyi Ning and directed by Chiyo This film basically describes the story of an interesting conversation between two men standing by the basketball court watching the basketball game. I chose to shoot at home instead of a basketball court. I gave the film a surreal vibe. Throughout the shooting process, I used Zoom…

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The Call (Yaw)

Written by Andrew Atkins and adapted by Yaw.  As this production was done solo, I faced a few minor difficulties during the shoot. This was definitely not an ideal circumstance. However, going into this I didn’t feel too underprepared. The most important piece to my film’s development was the pre-production stage, which made execution possible….

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