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Birthday – Jiaxin (Chloe) He

Written by Jiaqi(Kay) Liang and adapted by Jiaxin (Chloe) He . In this project, I choose a script called “Birthday”, it is about a story of Woody who is very looking forward to his birthday, but his sister seems to forget the birthday.  I felt that is lovely! In this exercise film. It should be…

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Creature (Marizelle)

“Creature”, inspired by Saud Hayat’s “Failed Mission”, follows two friends and wildlike hikers, who find themselves in the presence of a really bad, scary and loud” creature. Will they stop to ask questions? I think not.  Directed by Marizelle Steyn  My final film combines many techniques and concepts that I have learned through the whole…

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Good Friday (Saud)

      Good Friday is a script written by Halis Petovic and applied by Saud Hayat. The script is simple regarding the sequence of events, so it has been modified to give more details and excitement and better show the story. The film is of the dramatic type talking about the day on Good…

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BIRTHDAY – Qinyuan Qian (Jasmine)

  ‘Birthday’ , a narrative style and film, is directed by Qinyuan Qian and adapted from the script written by Yuexin Ren. The film follows the character Jueying (Xi Xi), who expects her mother to know that it’s her birthday, but her mother (Li Zhi) pretends to forget Jueying’s birthday in order to surprise her. In…

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Kitchen Play (Bella)

Written by Marizelle Steyn and directed by Yuexin Ren. The film I made is based around two best friends and a cup of coffee, and the whole story has a light-hearted and fun atmosphere. I also invited my boyfriend and my best friend to shoot the script. As the film had to be done independently,…

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Morning Dawn (Halis)

Morning Dawn (or Evening Dawn) – Directed by Halis Petovic and written by Matthew Sabato Jimmy is swamped with boring chores that need to be done for the night. When he gets a call from a friend planning a night out, he wants nothing to do with it, that’s at least until he ponders what…

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Kelly’s News (Matt)

Kelly’s News by Matthew Sabato ‘Kelly’s News’ is an Edgar Wright style thriller about the character of Kelly (played by Josh) trying to steal some information off Claire’s laptop (played by Ben). As Kelly attempts to steal the information, he is faced with the reality of the situation. The film is aimed to leave the…

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The First Impression – Wanyun (Erin) Tang

“The First Impression” is a romantic genre film related to campus love. The original script of this movie was written by Frank and adapted by me. Appreciate to Yajing Zhang and Ying Tang for their wonderful performance in this film. The film features the story of Dean who fell in love with Chelsea at first…

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Birthday (Wing)

Written by Yuexin Ren and adapted by Yiying Chen (Wing). In this project, I choose a script called “Birthday”, it is about a story of a girl who is very looking forward to her birthday, but her parter seems to forget her birthday. In fact, her partner just want to pretend to forget her birthday…

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Kelly’s Good News (Rachael)

Script written by Qinyuan Qian & Directed by Xiaojiao Yu This film mainly talks about the dialogue between two girls in the study room. After one of them heard the good news about the discount at the cafe downstairs, then she went into the room and shared the news with the other one. Although it…

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