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The Box – Shiyang (Jack) Wang

‘The Box’, originally called ‘Lenny Injured’, is adapted and developed from the script written by Chloe He Jiaxin. The film subscribe the genre of Thriller, Mystery, and a little bit of Crime. Both Vincent Zhou Chuxiong and Joyce Wong contributed wonderful performance for this piece.

The film features the male protagonist Lenny (starred Vincent Zhou Chuxiong)  is found injured by Sharon (starred Joyce Wong) in a parking lot. Lenny warns Sharon that there is a conspiracy involves both of them, and ‘the box’ is an essential item in this situation. It turns out, the box is in Sharon’s car, and their future just becomes unforseeable.

During the making of this film, I conprehended the benefits of test shooting, and became aware of the importance of thinking objectively when making my own film. What’s more, always attempting to make different versions of shots or edits or scripts, etc. is now essential to my filmmaking process.

rmitmediastudent • June 3, 2021

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