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The Call (Madeleine Cheale)

The Call –

Written by Andrew Atkins

Adapted and Directed by Madeleine Cheale

Assistant Directed by Beth McInerney

Synopsis –

After coming home from work on a dark and stormy night, a young woman receives a frightening phone call concerning a pizza that she didn’t order.

Work Summary –

This ‘Cheesy’ comedy/horror was created through a process of trials but not necessarily errors. Throughout the many weeks I was able to focus on this final film, the Deliberate Films studio encouraged us to constantly create and learn from real experience. I got constant feedback from my fellow studio participants, professor, friends and family. Because of this, I was able to flexibly alter aspects of my work without feeling like I was throwing out my previous efforts. My best metaphor for this process would be a chef constantly tasting their broth and changing the seasoning as they go, rather than only tasting it at the end and feeling unsatisfied.

Overall, the ability to ‘taste-test different kinds of story beats, horror-inspired edits and colour grades all led to a project that has properly considered its alternatives and that I feel like is the best I could deliver under the circumstances of ‘home-made’ film making.

rmitmediastudent • June 1, 2021

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