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Birthday (Wing)

Written by Yuexin Ren and adapted by Yiying Chen (Wing).

In this project, I choose a script called “Birthday”, it is about a story of a girl who is very looking forward to her birthday, but her parter seems to forget her birthday. In fact, her partner just want to pretend to forget her birthday and give her a surprise. 

Because I have got some experiences from my last exercise, before I started to shoot this film, I rewatched my previous work and analyzed what I have to develop in this project. I thought pre-preparation is the most important stage for every film. I created an image of how my film goes on and I spent some times on confirming every shots, every angles and every scenes. I chose two locations at the beginning which was my bedroom and my living room and I made two bird’s eye view plans for each locations. I thought bird’s eye view plans can sort out my mind so that I can shoot faster and clearer without having to move the camera around when I was shooting.

The following picture is before and after I turn on the lights and use color grade. When I first took the shoot of character woke up, I turned off all the lights. I thought that would gave the audience a feeling of at dawn straightly. But I found that wasn’t enough by using the sunlight only. The whole scene was dark, and the face expression of actress was unclear, so I turned on all the light in my room to make them seems like the sunlight, and the effect was better. Though that, I learned that if I want to change the luminance of the video, I can not only through color grading, but also can use light when shooting.

Through this shooting, I’ve learned how to make a bird’s eye view plan, know the whole process of making a film, and learn a lot from editing skills and color grade. 

Sofia • May 28, 2021

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