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Those Men (Chiyo)

Written by Ziyi Ning and directed by Chiyo

This film basically describes the story of an interesting conversation between two men standing by the basketball court watching the basketball game. I chose to shoot at home instead of a basketball court. I gave the film a surreal vibe.

Throughout the shooting process, I used Zoom to let my team members Kay and Chloe see what each of my shots was like. This will make it easier for them to give me suggestions and let me improve in time. Compared to shooting in the daytime before, I chose to change to shooting at night. This change gives my movie a mysterious and quirky feeling. Further, I chose to use soundscape to create a disturbing atmosphere, which is a sense of desolation.

I changed the color grade to create a retro, hazy visual effect. I think this color grade matches the night better.

Through this shooting, I have mastered more proficient editing techniques, some professional knowledge based on animatics, eye line, and bird’s eye view. On the basis of the original, I also understand how to use software such as Zoom for collaboration, which is a very interesting experience.

Sofia • May 27, 2021

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