The Pēpi-Pod (Simon)

The Pēpi-pod from Media Factory on Vimeo.

Written and directed by Simon Dobson.

The Pēpi-Pod

In this production I try to produce an ‘explainer’ style video, with the aim of informing a general audience about a product known as The Pēpi-Pod. This is a safe sleep device, aimed at reducing sudden infant death syndrome in infants from vulnerable families in our society. The program associated with this device empowers indigenous families, primarily mothers, with invaluable information that they themselves can disseminate into their own communities for a brighter future. It was a pleasure to explore this topic, and to learn more about the hardships many indigenous families face in this country. I feel like this work helped develop my storytelling skills, whilst clearly emphasising the aspects of video production that I need to develop further to create more cohesive, entertaining media artifacts in the future.


Why History can be Unreliable

Why History can be Unreliable… on Vimeo

This assignment is to study a complex concept or process for a particular audience. The video explores on how history is presented, who is “creating” history, and what should we do about it. The video style is easy and educational, intending to provide some references for the audience who want to understand the history. At the same time, I expect to give the children who are learning history another way to look at it.

The production process of this task was smooth. Although we encountered some difficulties, we overcame them. After this process, I have a new understanding of similar videos. At the same time, I have a strong interest in the theme,which is the reliability of history.

Looking forward to creating more interesting works in the future.

Genius or exaggerated

The study of Leonardo da Vinci and Mona Lisa is a wonderful journey.

It is not only about painting but also about decryption, religion and history. The most important things hidden behind the Mona Lisa are genius techniques, thinking and unique understanding of painting.
In fact, the five-minute video is more like an entry point, hoping to give the audience a different perspective on the Mona Lisa,at the same time, the process of making the video also gave me an in-depth understanding of painting and the Renaissance period.


S3693903 – Trevor

Let’s get to know Mona Lisa



As a world-famous legendary painting and a representative work of the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci, the Mona Lisa has always been given some mysterious colors. Why is her smile recorded by Da Vinci? Why does her smile seem to have some meaning? What is the story behind this work?
This time, we will let everyone begin to understand the story and history of this world-famous painting through the popular science video we created.


Alice Manderson, Anqi Li,  Hamza Ipek, Trevor Wang

Bring Viet Nam to the world!

Indomitable Vietnam is a short film about the brutality of the Vietnam War and the resilience of the Vietnamese people through generations. The video is integrated with many black and white documentaries recording the actual battles of the Vietnamese people during the war period with many cruel and painful images of the Vietnamese people in the battles for national independence.

A special feature of this film is the interviews with Vietnamese history experts and young Vietnamese people at the present time. In these interviews, the interviewed characters all use Vietnamese to answer, which is quite interesting when the Vietnamese language is introduced to the world.

As a Vietnamese, I am very proud that the work is meticulously and subtly created and completed using Vietnamese documentaries, Vietnamese language and even famous songs in the war of the Vietnamese people.

You have seen yet? If not, give it a try!

Jennie – s3713175

Indomitable Vietnam

Indomitable Vietnam from Media Factory on Vimeo.

Influenced by media and education, we could often find ourselves oblivious to the other side of a story. In this video, we explore one of the most recent war horror – Vietnam War from the perspective of the Vietnamese, their history of invasion and occupation, and the effects of these wars have in shaping the national identity and spirit of Vietnam.

Produced by Angus, Sarah, Jennie, and Kelvin.

Why History is Unreliable…

A look into why history is unreliable, why that is, and what we can do about it…

Made By: Joel, Keely, Willa & Xena

Executive Producer: Liam Ward

Special Thanks: Laura Rademaker

Song: Broken Sleep (Instrumental) by Agnes Obel


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