Shype is a new way to interacts with others digitally, with a new social media app that is different from the standard form. Shype allows all of us to socialise with gaming being the main focus and function of the app. You can post on your timeline, if its a video, picture or even just a small message. You can also direct messages anyone you are friends with or follow you, and also play mini games that are imbedded into the app. These games let you play with anyone from your friends and followers list, and give you a different way to socialise. This is a direct counter to the Cyberbullying and Cancel Culture that is prominent in todays digital world, where people are too focused on each others social status and putting each other down. Shype gives you a different focus from the standard social status format and allow its users to have a something to talk about, which is games!


Created by Bryce Thomas

Nuclear Rush

Nuclear Rush is an interactive mobile game that allows players to challenge one another to see who is the last one standing in a battle royale like format. The game is only on mobile and it’s main premise is to eliminate one another by taking photos whilst at the same time trying not to have your photo taken.The game can be played in two game modes, one for a shorter quick game, where the other is a longer format that allows games to last over several days, possibly weeks. What I got out of Nuclear Rush was a game that I would actually want to play with friends, and I’m not someone that plays any mobile games, but something like this would be fun to play, making us all run and hide from one another. It would be a great way and good excuse to get out of the house especially after everythings that’s occurred due to the pandemic. Which is exactly what the game was designed to do. 


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Created by William Ehmer s3604257

World Aquatic

My game, World Aquatic, attempted to tackle the tough, yet extremely important topic of climate change in such a way as to make it understandable to children. In order to do this an emphasis had to be placed on fun, engaging gameplay and bright child-friendly visuals that made the subject matter more palatable for the target demographic while also delivering accurate and important information about the effects of Climate Change.

Vimeo Link: Assignment 4 video Ben Virgin FUTURE PLAY (

Created By Ben Virgin

Alien Occupation

Alien Occupation is a first-person survival game in which the player controls a survivor of an alien invasion that has overrun his city. Critiquing colonialism and military expansion, the player must use stealth and subterfuge against their oppressors to feed their family and rebuild their community.


Victouria is an augmented reality phone application, designed to educate and bring awareness to traditional Aboriginal heritage and culture. It offers information on the local histories, as well as the flora and fauna all across Melbourne.

It is designed to use playful interaction on a local Melbourne level, to help educate and inform a wide target audience.

Created by:
Zac Cause
Patrick Sison
Ollie Brylynsky

Trivia Buddy

Trivia Buddy!!

The Fun innovative take on quiz shows that’s on your phone!

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Trivia Buddy is a mobile app designed to test general knowledge. Working like a fantasy sports game, people create a league to compete with and against their friends. Each week users get assigned quizzes to complete before a designated time and day. They can range from all sorts topics and categories, with even a vote option towards popular user generated quizzes.

From week to week there is different types of rounds, you can be working in a randomly assigned team or being going solo. The way you climb the ladder and stay up the top however is answering questions correct! with a bonus for correct answers in a row. So be a team player, it pays to be the highest scoring team.

Cant commit to weekly quizzes? Have a TB Night! Trivia Buddy Nights are like a community trivia night with a twist. Able to be played remotely or in person, TB Nights allow you and others to make an event out of the game. Ideal for those caught up in a busy life.

With three life lines, plenty of friends plus users available to join a league, there is no excuse to not get amongst it! Its competitive, its fun and most of all technically you’ll be learning something every time! [but don’t tell anyone!]

Want to see more? check out the promo video below!

Liam McGain-S378376


Kennel is a geosocial pet adoption app that emulates the iconic “swipe left or right” functions of the dating app, Tinder. Basically: Kennel is Tinder, but with pets! In partnership with local animal shelters and foster carers, users will swipe left or right in order to like or pass on potential dogs and/or cats that are available for adoption nearby the users location.

By injecting playful elements and gamifying the typically dull, administrative process of pet adoption, Kennel aims to encourage more people to consider adopting a pet in order to combat the growing problem of animal overpopulation causing overcrowding in shelters and thousands of animals left homeless or euthanised just because they could not find a home.

Through designing Kennel, as creatives, we have discovered the sheer power of gamifying as a way to motivate user engagement. Adding playful elements to processes that are typically not intended for entertainment is a very influential method of attracting users and maintaining attention by making users feel like what they are doing is not “work”. This is exemplified in Kennel.

By Marla Kalaw (s3435169) & Derek Xu (s3773894)


Woman in Big City

Woman in Big City is a critical play experience in which players are thrown into a dark Melbourne City setting, playing as a woman of colour, being subjective to constant discrimination. Dark play is heavily relied upon within the game, as well as its embedded, story-like narrative and tell-tale trope in which players choose the protagonist’s actions that then lead to either essentially a ‘good’ or ‘evil’ action, thus adjusting the story as the game goes.

By playing this game, players of all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds learn how to take calculated risks and grow accustomed to empathy and viewing the world through different perspectives, not only in Woman in Big City but also in real life.


By Jacklyn Matzaris and Shannon Coldrey



How long will you survive?

Below The Line is a resource-management and survival simulator endurance game, where your aim is to keep your character alive for as long as you can. The catch? You’re stuck in the poverty cycle, and the decisions you make might help you now, but hinder you later.

Inspired by The Sims and other life-simulator games, Below The Line combines resource-collection and scavenging with butterfly-effect consequences to give players a unique confronting experience. So go on, pop the oblivion bubble you live in and find out what it’s like to live a life of no luxury. How long can you survive?

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Jessica Madden, Madeleine Graham & Cassidy Oreo


A woman’s day

The main purpose of A Woman’s Day is to promote people’s understanding of the unfairness suffered by women in society. Our characters include women of different races, and we hope that the injustice suffered by these women can be communicated to the players through the game so that they can better understand women. Our game has a storyline. Every woman’s story comes from life. Players experience these stories through reading and make decisions. We give players many options, and every decision the player makes will have different consequences. Players need to make decisions carefully because their decisions will affect the outcome. 

This mobile game is aimed at players all over the world, especially young people who like mobile games. In this era of highly developed globalization, young people are more likely to face women from different races in the future. We hope that this game can promote the formation of their future worldview, so that young people can better understand women of different races in life, and reduce the formation of gender and racial conflicts.

Yu Min, Yi Ling, Yun Rou, Ting Ting