Episode 4: Surprise

Episode 4: Surprise



It is one of the most interesting emotions we have, the emotion of surprise. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, and in this episode, Billy, Leith and Zhen all share their biggest surprises in the year of 2020.




Individual Segments



2. Final Nights: By Billy Cooke

My individual story within our classes podcast focused on the emotion of surprise, and it was extremely interesting trying to find the best way to make sure this was the most prevalent emotion found. My story surrounded my travels being cut short in Vietnam due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and focused on the emotions found in the final nights when we were few of the remaining travellers in the entire country and knew we would be returning soon. I enjoyed the process especially once recorded and in editing trying to find sound effects which not only enhanced the emotions that were being felt but did not hinder and take away too much from the dialogue which was running throughout. The biggest thing I was able to take away from my work was being able to get more and more comfortable with Adobe Audition as I have throughout the whole semester. Being able to have good skills in this area is something I feel will definitely come in handy in my professional career and it was great to be able to feel competent in using a software like this.



3. Welcome home Osada: By Leith Edwards

Welcoming a puppy to the family a few months after your old dog passes away, causes a mix of emotions. Listen to this story to hear what that experience is like, and how surprising it all was.