Episode 1: Fear

Episode 1: Fear

In this episode we hear from people who have encountered fear in 2020, and who have developed new anxieties about the future as a result of an unforgiving year of events. In these stories, you will hear about a first pregnancy in lockdown, an unexpected saving grace for the hostility of loneliness, and a nation in social ruin at the hands of two very divisive men. 


Individual Segments

  1. Divided States: By Natalie Campbell

This piece is a montage exploration of the social divide that has been created amongst Americans in the build up to the 2020 Presidential election. Through the impressions of one extended family, I bring you an insiders view of the unsettling reality that has been unfolding in households all over the nation.


2. The Window: By Kaiyue Hu

2020 is a challenge for most people, but for Haley it is an important turning point of life. From fear to overcoming fear, 2020 is destined to be extraordinary. This piece shows Haley’s inner monologue, telling you her story that happened in this year in an intimate way.

3. The Nursery: by Matias Garro Tapia

Milly, a 19 year old barista, will soon be giving birth to her first child. While the world may currently be an even stranger and more confronting place in 2020, Milly finds solace in her little baby’s nursery as she awaits his arrival into this world.