Class Preview – Making Embodiment from Media Factory on Vimeo.

Throughout this studio, we as a class, have explored how the body interacts with the world and further considered how embodied knowledge emerges. We have come to recognise that embodied experiences are heavily reliant on the relationships that we have with different settings, people and also ourselves. We have studied a variety of sources that have worked to improve our knowledge on each of our senses, while also learning about how these senses have the ability to influence our perception. This has led us to create a number of experimental media pieces that attempt to encapsulate and further portray what it would be and feel like to be the bodies within these works. It is our hope that through viewing these works that we offer you an embodied experience. 

The collection of works within this online exhibition investigate varying embodied experiences which explore a scope of themes ranging from time perception and mental health, concerning both physical wellbeing and isolation, to ideas encircling identity and subjective sensuous experiences.

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