Group 6 – Denver, Aaron & Jeevan

Pub Nights with Denver, Jeevan & Aaron

It’s Pub Trivia Time! Let’s find answers to life’s most meaningless questions. In today’s episode, we’re talking minimum wages, terrible managers, and weird old men. Take a seat!

Produced by Denver Richter, Jeevan Sidhu & Aaron Oshlack.

Individual stories

Story 1 – Denver Richter

Being a uni student is never easy. Life is geared for those with money and stable jobs, two things that students just can’t seem to get. In this segment I explore the many facets of how rough it can be living under the minimum wage in 2020.


Story 2 – Jeevan Sidhu

Jeevan Sidhu · RWAV – Assignment 4 Segment – Jeevan Sidhu

Segment Two of ‘Pub Nights with Denver, Jeevan & Aaron.’ On a day where it won’t stop raining, a man decides he wants to make some change in his mundane life.

Story 3 – Aaron Oshlack

Aaron remembers the first time someone was anti-semetic to him. Spoiler alert: it was an elderly Jewish man.

Full Transcript of the Podcast Available Here

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