Group 5- Delphi, Ella and Maggie

When I was 20

The twenties are said to be the best years of our lives, you’re young, fit, don’t have much to lose, and the world at our feet. Well, we’re all 20, and right now, we’re in lockdown due to a global pandemic, so while we’re inside wasting our 20th year to keep the world safe, we went out to find what other people were doing at the age of 20.

Produced by Ella Gerrard, Delphi San Roque and Maggie Aldridge


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Individual stories

Ella’s Story:


Paul’s University Adventures

At the age of 20, the majority of people are attending university. However, not everyone gets the chance to attend one let alone two world renowned universities in their lifetime, especially in the same year. Well, get ready, as Paul recalls his unique final year at university, which sees him attending both the University of London and UCLA, all in the span of one year.

Delphi’s stories: 


Ilan the fisherman

In Israel, at the age of 18, everyone must complete 3 years of compulsory military service. Could you imagine if that happened in Australia?! Well, this is exactly where Ilan, and Israeli man was at the age of 20. But this is not a story about the military, this is a story about travel, exploration and finding a life changing experience in a small fishing village of North Scotland.

Craig finds his Telos

Craig was lucky enough to live his 20’s through the 60’s and what a wild ride it was. He tells his story of passion, breaking out of claustrophobic Australian religious structures, finding freedom and brushing shoulders with fame.

Maggie’s Story:


This last story is that of my mum Eileen, and how by the time she was 20 she had a child, married my dad and baby number two on the way. Her twenties consisted of spending time with family, working to save money, little bit of travel and eventually, at the end of her twenties, packing their life up in England and moving to Australia in 1996. This interesting story through this chapter in her life really shows how you will go down unexpected pathways and have incredible opportunities in your life and to embrace them.


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