Group 2 – Caitlyn, Luke, Ruairi & Tierra

There’s Always A First

There’s Always a First takes you through the first experiences of four lively students studying at RMIT University.
Listen in as they explain their exciting and relatable stories ranging from; Moving out of home for the first time, going on a first date, trying your first cocktail, and entering your first beauty pageant.

Produced by: Caitlyn Galik, Luke Evans, Ruairi Walsh & Tierra Boudsingkhone Dsousa



Caitlyn Galik

Caitlyn had never lived on her own… she walks us through her hesitations and the obstacles she overcomes when she finally takes her first step towards being independent.


Luke Evans

Dating is always a challenge, especially when your learning how to date. Luke guides us through an experience of online dating. With the high and lows that come with that.


Ruairi Walsh

Ruairi Walsh talks about his first time making a cocktail, and how a simple curiosity has developed into a far bigger hobby and passion.


Tierra Boudsingkhone Dsousa

Tierra’s first time participating in a beauty pageant wasn’t what she expected. From walking in thick high heels to girls spraying their body with hairspray, Tierra’s first experience is one she will never forget.

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