Group 1 – Annalise, Alicia, Jenny, Niamh

Look At Me Now

Group One

In Look At Me Now, Jenny and Annalise talk to some inspirational media practitioners who share their story and give advice to people aspiring to be in the industry. Niamh and Alicia share their own experiences in the industry with SYN Media and YouTube.

Produced by: Annalise, Niamh, Jenny & Alicia.

Individual stories

Annalise spoke to Riley-Rose Harper who started out in community radio and worked her way up to become a breakfast show host and is currently a mornings announcer! She shares her story on how she achieved this and shares some tips for people aspiring to get into the radio industry.

Niamh spoke about how she became involved at SYN Media, and how it shifted her entire outlook on what her career could involve.

Jenny talks with Bach, a young director. He has a huge ambitions to take on the Vietnamese industry and win an Oscar. In this interview, we hear about his experience and the struggle he has been through.

Alicia speaks about her growth and journey in creating a YouTube channel. She discusses her challenges along the way, her goal setting process, and the fruition of her work in 2020.

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