W1: Eve Arnold Inspired Mini-Essay: “outdoors”


During quarantine I have found it difficult to keep active. I used to go to the gym a lot but without being in that atmosphere the motivation is lacking. I’ve started to go on walks a lot more and try to go back to the simple things in life such as acknowledging nature and the beauty of it. I came across a tree; alone and looking over a cliff, looking at it almost reminded me of how the isolation in life right now. A tree being placed alone and separate from the rest, but looking strong and beautiful.

During the walk, we came across a playground. The playground was surrounded with caution tape and the first thought that came to mind was something was broken and was dangerous to use until I realised that the playground was actually not in use. COVID has closed down all playgrounds and it really struck me on how serious this pandemic has become and the impact it has had on normal day to day activities.

Without the pressures of going out every weekend with all my friends I’ve started to appreciate the people I spent my time with. With the company of my close friend, we drove to a beautiful setting where our walks would be enjoyable, even though we do have to wear our mandatory masks while being out of the house. Nevertheless, a breath of fresh air, appreciating the beauty of nature really clears the head and helps reset, and blessed to still maintain that social connection with people as I feel is very important for mental our health.






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