“JOROGUMO JONESY” – By Sarah Jones

“JOROGUMO JONESY” – By Sarah Jones




The following short experimental film will simply be about an alter ego “Jorogumo Jonesy” and her relational psychological response towards her desired soulmate that she finds in spiders.

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Music: Davy Jones – Hans Zimmer



In regards to mental health, I indulged into deep research and healing through creative and spiritual outlets. Through my education and creative outlets, it is important to shed light upon mental health and I will continue to pursue to bring down negative stigmas towards societal issues such as this. Teal Swan, a spiritual teacher – struck me as someone of interest in regards to a potential artistic approach – an opportunity. I read that her approaches were deemed psychologically dangerous – so from very light reading I only took within artistic aspects. In a positive light, her work has gotten me to think deeper about simpler things – and help me remain creative though these dark times.In one of her seminars she prompt an interactive “game” with her audience. She described it as relational psychology. There were 3 questions in which she asked and I expanded one of them  – to explore in my final project. The question I explored was “What is your favourite animal, and three deep reasons why?” My answer was a “Spider.” And my three deep reasons why was “Darkness In Art”, “Childhood” and “My Dad.” I entered a lot of psychological, personal, identification related reoccurring themes from my past to present when answering the questions. Through my answers – it got me to think and reconnect with myself. And at the end of the short video the revealed meaning to the question I chose to expand was, “your favourite animal is your idea of a perfect soul mate.” I intended to explore this concept into an experimental video in aims to evoke feelings of my own and execute them in a meaningful way. I went for a simplistic and clean approach compared to my other technical and filmic styles – and worked on a “film essay” foundation. The reflective response to the expanded question within my short experimental was meaningful and deep to me. From continued academic research I added the concept of Jorogumo a creature from Japanese folklore, to give extra depth, character and just a wholesome historic feel. I contributed Jorogumo and her aspects as the concept of emotions and spiders interlinked well. And in this alter ego way I felt it purposeful that I resonated with the spider just as much as it should’ve been my intended soul mate. Composition wise I chose and devised simplistic shots for B-roll of just spiders. I cropped all content in a square and filtered them with black and white to create contrast and minimalism. With my voice over for the experimental, I wanted the audience to intake and empathise with how I felt towards spiders. To add charm towards my experimental I added music. Something lightly dark but peculiar at the same time.I finally set on the theme song from Pirates Of The Caribbean – The Davy Jones theme produced by Hans Zimmer. The song is moving, sad but strong – almost angry in a way which I found suiting. I used premiere multiple times in the past for film production, documentaries and short films as such; but I never for something experimental like this. By not thinking in depth filmically in a technical functional way – through just simplistic visuals and sound, where my voice is heard and felt is what mattered.From here I had my pin pointed exploration – the short will simply be about this alter ego Jorogumo Jonesy and her relational psychological response towards her desired soulmate that she finds in spiders. In result this conceptual experimental is a personal piece that somewhat reflects me as a person – in a deep way – in a personal way to which I am challenging myself not to care about what an audience or group of people may think – client based wise. The video is for me. And is a part of me.


‘Co-Ex(res)ist’ – An Experimental Piece By Macgregor Seeley

Co-Ex(res)ist (Co-Exist; resist) is an experimental short film by Macgregor Seeley, featuring the environmentalist subject matter of societies interaction with nature; past, present and future. The film is the result of a multi-month long process Macgregor has undertaken, in order to unpack a mental knot, which he had been pondering for quite some time. This mental knot specifically being: humanity trying to control the uncontrollable; Nature. This mental knot took quite some time to come to as upon reflection, it’s the root of a larger discourse which Macgregor has subconsciously been involved in for quite some time. Growing up on Mount Gisborne in the Macedon Ranges, Macgregor’s spent his youth connecting with the natural world. Subsequently, portraiture of nature and themes of environmentalism are heavily reflected within Macgregor’s previous work, however, none quite as intensely as Co-Ex(res)ist.

No matter who you are, or whereabouts in the world you live, the impacts human beings as a society have had on the earth over the past centuries are extremely evident. Greenhouse gasses pollute our atmospheres, tearing wholes in the Ozone layers. Thick clouds of smog and smoke now loom over cities, blocking once clear and pristine views. Plastics run rampant over the earth with the estimated number of micro plastics now in the ocean, being higher than that of marine life. The fragile ecosystem we call home isn’t able to actively sustain the modern life of the Human Being, and if we don’t all do our part to ensure great change is put in place, it won’t be long before our home is no longer.

Inspired by Chris Marker’s ‘Sans Soleil’ (Sunless, 1983), Macgregor Seeley has adopted the Essay Film technique, utilising the filmmaking process as a key mental path to follow, whilst researching and unpacking the inner theme of ‘Controlling the uncontrollable; in regards to nature’. Done so in the spirit of avant garde, through ‘Co-Ex(res)ist’ Macgregor invites the audience to reflect on the subject matter, pulling them into a cathartic, diagetic process, via the technique of Buddhist breathing techniques. The specific breathing technique, developed by the late and enlightening Ram Dass, requires the audience to focus on how their breath flows throughout their body, feeling it engage through their chest and circulate, pushing the energy of their eternal core. By the inclusion of this practice of breathing, Macgregor invites the audience to participate within the visual piece, taking it as a minute to reflect, meditate and embrace stillness. Within this period of stillness, it’s hoped that the audience take part in the audio journey (narrated by Macgregor), reflecting upon it within their own life.

Visually, Co-Ex(res)ist depicts the journey of a group of people climbing a mountain to view a sunset, however through the spectrum of audio, there is a much deeper message being transmitted. The film guides the audience through Macgregor’s own mental journey, allowing them to follow with their ears and breath, to hopefully arrive at a point of self realisation. Macgregor isn’t trying to provide the audience with a solid idea of what they should think or do after watching Co-Ex(res)ist. More so, he is creating an environment where the audience can participate in meditation, stillness, reflection and self thought. By doing so, Co-Ex(res)ist serves as a platform for personal growth and development, hopefully resulting in a drive towards environmentalist transformation.

Co-ex(res)ist from Media Factory on Vimeo.

By Macgregor Seeley



By Xiayiming Shi & Jialong Fu

When Finnick Dong was preparing to travel to Melbourne to study, she did not
anticipate that a global pandemic would interrupt her plans. As a result of the
widespread pandemic of Covid-19, Finnick had to start a life of self-
quarantine. International Chinese students like Finnick have now become a
very special group while facing the current special environment alone, they
also seem to be suffering from the prejudice that some public opinion has
brought to them. This five-minute documentary records the lifestyle of
Melbourne international students in isolation, and highlights their opinion of
the current situation.

Interviewee:Finnick Dong

Soundtrack: Tomorrow , I will BY Lander Configurations

REAL TO REEL media studio during Semester 1, 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic 




The Ashes 720p from Media Factory on Vimeo.


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