Welcome to the 2020 ROOM WITH A VIEW website.

ROOM WITH A VIEW began this year with a bunch of great students looking forward to presenting a live radio programs on the iconic Melbourne radio station  3RRR.

That was until coronavirus kicked in around the end of week 3, and all those dreams were dashed.  So, what to do?  Well first of all we needed to change the studio prompts. What was once about radio switched to podcasts and storytelling:

  • (How) can podcasts be a useful tool in documenting an unprecedented time in Australian and global history?
  • How can we as audio producers adapt our practice to record and share stories during lockdown?
  • What are the affordances or qualities of audio that make for compelling storytelling?  

Being a creative and resilient bunch, the students were not to have their voices silenced.  Instead of live radio, a 20 episode podcast series Conversations in Isolation was produced and published in the space of 7 weeks.  And if that wasn’t enough, they produced six fabulous storytelling podcasts that you can listen to here as well.

So, welcome to our blog. Make yourself comfortable, pop on your headphones and enjoy some compelling stories about life, the universe, and COVID-19 of course!



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