Silent Mania By Charlotte Frimpong

Silent Mania directed by Charlotte Frimpong is an exploration of the human psyche undergoing a state of detachment and disillusion. Our minds are often bound by the parameters of our own existence, and within physical and social isolation can at times make us paranoid. It is here that Silent Mania reaches deep into that unknown sphere and tries to make sense of those troubling times that plague the mind, body, and spirit. It is a film that was created to offer an experience that was thought-provoking and introspective, whilst still being reflective of the world’s current state of uncertainty.

Silent Mania was created alongside a research journey, studying academic articles, films, and artworks as inspiration. The journey began by exploring the use of colour in cinema and the role it plays in evoking feeling as well as setting mood. In doing so, this created a strong foundation for the project whilst provoking deeper analysis and consideration.

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