In what ways can we experiment with documentary convention and use the voice-over as something more than a purely functional tool?

Assignment 4: the triplets

  The task You will complete this task in groups of 3 or 4. Imagine three very different full-length documentary films. They can be about absolutely anything. Perhaps, for example, one is a happy piece about an old man whose best friend is an adorable shaggy dog, the second is about the exploitation of child…

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Assignment 2: Humpty Dumpty

The Task Take a 1-2 minute section from any film that one of you analysed in Assignment 1. It must be a section that includes significant amounts of voice-over. Remove the images, but keep the soundtrack. Your task is to produce a new sequence of images for the pre-existing soundtrack/voice-over. Have fun with this, and…

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About this studio

“…voice-over narration is… arguably the most blatant example of intervention on  the part of the documentary filmmaker. As de Antonio sees it, narration is a fascist  act that proclaims a film’s didacticism… However varied the use of narration has  been… the overriding view is that the documentary voice-over is the filmmakers’  ultimate tool for telling…

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