Each student has a page here which will showcase their work from the last part of the semester. It may not be a ‘final film’ it may be a compilation of experiments; sometimes both.

We experimented with animatics instead of storyboards. The point here was to shoot three different animatic versions which utilise different framing and actions. Then the students used Zoom to set up and film each other as actors in a scene that was given to then. Sometimes they used zoom to do the recordings. Sometimes they use the zoom to monitor the shots and communicate. Some figured ways to plug their DSLR cameras into their computers so that the director who was in another house because of isolation could see the shot and direct the action. Most of these works will have two characters in the same room. One half of the room could be in China, the other half in Australia.

In the last few weeks each student wrote a script which was put into a folder so it was anonymous – a refreshing way to make a film, shooting a script that is not your own. The fact that we couldn’t shoot in 2K stopped being an issue because we realised that it allowed us to concentrate on the essence of things audio, framing, coverage etc

Hope you enjoy


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