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AHhhh! – Bridgette O’Byrne

AHhhh! is a film about a spider, and a girl that doesn’t like spiders. This project was motivated primary by my own personal experiences with spiders . I also felt the scope of the concept worked will with the  covid-19 restrictions, as I was able to shoot it all in one location. From the onset…

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Coping Mechanisms – Caitlin Buchanan

Coping Mechanisms tells the story of a woman who works with children of divorce, becoming one herself in adulthood. The film explores the ways in which she copes with the news, inadvertently going against every piece of advice she would give a child going through the same experience. Coping Mechanisms from Media Factory on Vimeo. I…

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Night Life – Angus Green

Night Life from Media Factory on Vimeo. When  two young fast food workers decide to call their friend to keep them company during a gruelling night shift, their crafted outer personas start to break down as the monotonous night wears on.    This story changed quite a bit from the initial pitch, obviously needing to…

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Blind Love – Myles Saunders Liddicoat

I would like to acknowledge the people of the Woi wurrung language group of the Eastern Kulin Nation on who’s unceded lands I created this short film. I would also like pay my respects to the Elders of this land, past, present, and emerging. Social worker Matt is visiting his client, Callum, whose elderly Mother…

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RED VELVET – Aubree Maranan

A young woman has decided to bake a cake for a loved one reminiscing on their two years together, however, she is not celebrating a birthday or valentines day… In this project, I had to think of an idea that I could film within the confines of my own house due to lockdown restrictions and…

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BABY – Delphi San Roque

Mary takes a pregnancy test at work leading to an intensely stressful 3 – 5 minute waiting period. Whilst waiting for the result that could determine everything, Mary’s mind battles between the overbearing but alluring presence of the shops resident Virgin Mary, a possible baby on the way and a number of inquisitive customers. Just…

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