How might media contribute to practices of futurology – the study and extrapolation of current economic, social and cultural trends in order to imagine possible and plausible futures?

Wounded by Shaun Rimes

Soldiers returning home have continued to struggle transitioning back into society dealing with various psychological conditions as a result of their service, this video discusses those issues and the impact companion animals have on those suffering with those conditions.


FUTURE MACHINA “We look at the present through a rear-view mirror.” Marshall McLuhan (1967) “That’s something that tends to happen with new technologies generally: The most interesting applications turn up on a battlefield, or in a gallery.” William Gibson (2007) STUDIO PROMPT How might media contribute to practices of futurology – the study and extrapolation…

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  During desperate times, some may only need a reminder of what’s important to get back on track. A story of a man who lost his way and with the help of a mental health app will he get back to his feet and realize what actually matters. A Future Machina film curated and produced…

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OBIE by Julia Youn

By breaking down barriers and problems faced in psychology today, Obie creates an alternative future where mental health of humans is prioritised for the better health of our global community.

KARTINII by Ida Prada

“The education of woman has always been an important factor in civilization.” Named after the Indonesian war hero Raden Adjeng Kartini, an AI is built to fight for girls education and women’s rights.


So much has changed since Ian and Sal first knew each other. But now Ian has gotten back in contact with Sal because he feels she needs to hear what he has found out. Reset is a film made by Ben Speare for the RMIT Future Machina studio which aims to highlight moral accountability and…

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Online by Fiona – s3697093

Phuong Nguyen – s3697093 Life in the computer with all the time we got provided with all the thing we needed is great. So what is next. According to bruce lee :The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. So now when humanity has reach immortality. The greater purpose of this is…

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“ED” is fictional short film for the final alternative futures project in the FUTURE MACHINA studio. It explores the future of education equality through a fictional machine learning education device; inspired by current developments of AI driven tutoring and issues regarding current access to education, an issue I feel has been globally highlighted due to…

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Smart Necklace

    It is difficult for everyone to become self-discipline. Everyone wants to have a healthy body and wants to lose weight, a smart necklace could help you and could be a monitor of your life. This smart necklace will not only help you get away from obesity, but also will help you keep a…

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Oasis Living

‘Oasis Living’ by Eleanor Holloway is an advertising campaign portraying a series of smart villages offering solutions to global goals in an alternative future.

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