Searching for the Dolphins of Venice

What does it mean to feel connected with our environment in an era of misinformation and virality? The Search for the Dolphins of Venice explores the links between social media, the real world, and the history of wildlife hoaxes. A film by Matias Garro Tapia and Patrick Woodward

Seagull’s Diary:  by Litian Shi (Leonard) This is a  confession of a seagull who impair by human activities. Litian Shi Exhibit the happiness of seagulls having fun in their small island and conflict with the sadness of the seagull after it lost its home and became a prisoner of the city. Acknowledgment: RMIT University acknowledges…

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A film by Ella Connoley The film’s director, twenty-year-old student Ella lives on her family farm neighbouring Lake Connewarre. Setting out to understand the history of the once abundant landmark within the Bellarine Peninsula, she is confronted with difficult truths and a past buried beneath its muddy surface.  Lake Connewarre derived from the Indigenous term ‘Kunawarr…

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The Power of Nature

The Power of Nature Film by Kaleisha Crundall Synopsis: During the midst of quarantine, a young film-maker enduring isolation begins a downward spiral. In an attempt to escape the walls of her own home, she connects vicariously with nature, using  house-hold reminders and interpersonal relationships. Fantasying about entering a natural setting brings her temporary relief,…

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Ocean Machine

  Ocean Machine Ocean Machine tells the story of human connection to the ocean. Through the eyes of young filmmaker Zac Cause, he reminisces on his life growing up along the sandy shores of Australia and shows that the ocean is much greater than just a resource to mankind. Written by Zac Cause   Ocean…

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By the River

A film by Shijie Luo ( Rachel) I grew up by the two rivers in my hometown, one is called the Jialing river,  the other is called the Yellow river. The two rivers were so beautiful, at least in my memory. With the establishment of factories and the increase of population, the two rivers in…

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Get Ready With Me: Cleaner Jeans

  Get Ready With Me: Cleaner Jeans Directed by Greta Egan & Victoria Kim Jeans are a wardrobe staple. But how are they leading the movement of sustainable fashion? Our film is an investigation into the environmental impacts of one of our most enduring items of clothing – the humble denim jean. We explore the…

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A short documentary film by Zhizhou Zhao (Lorinda). Since 2017, we can see some news like this: The Great Barrier Reef is dying.  A short documentary film witnesses the huge changes in the Great Barrier Reef and the extent of human impact on the environment. Motivation With the increase in fame and the tourists, people…

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Iso-Exploring by Calvin Yong Iso-Exploring is a story about someone who is already living in isolation. During this time, instead of experiencing the environment around him by going outdoors, he prefers to experience it through the wonders of technology. Motivation: So what motivated me to create such a film is because I just don’t watch…

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Sign of forest

Sigh of Forest by Runxin Mao (Mason) The bushfires cause wild animals to lose their habitat, which is closely related to us. Although the virus has attracted our attention, the animal problem has not been solved, and we should continue to pay attention to this problem. Motivation In my free time, I like to go…

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