Speaking to someone online versus seeing them in real life is a concept that is baffling to many individuals such as myself. My plans to meet up with a friend I rarely see but speak to online happened on a Wednesday afternoon. Brunch was the chosen mode of activity at a local cafe. There were no expectations of how it would be like when we met up, but once I saw her, it felt completely different as to how I would usually interact with her. Because we seldom see each other, there was no sense of familiarity as you would have with an old friend but also, it is a completely different type of interaction even though we’ve spoken on multiple occasions online. There is just that explainable awareness of one another, especially because you witness everything is in real time and in the flesh.

The story behind this observation:

This was actually a personal anecdote of mine in regards to a friend whom I met through a unique circumstance. It’s weird how the world works because we had actually already met prior to our friendship. We had both attended a birthday party and had greeted each other but we didn’t get to know each other until I met her through an ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, I felt that it was going to be hard to maintain the friendship, especially since I had severed ties with this person. To my surprise though, she still wanted to catch up every now and then even if I was not associated with that person anymore. The only way I was connected to her was online, specifically through the social media app, Instagram. Once we had finally caught up, it was so different to how I saw her through Instagram and face to face.

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