A young man is working out in his backyard. He’s on a rowing machine, and listening to loud music. West Coast Hip Hop is his favourite. As the music gets more intense, he starts to go harder. And harder. Each pull on the machine he begins to grimace more & more, sweat beating down his face. The song nears its climax, and just as he was pushing at his hardest, a polite yet slightly passive-aggressive woman pokes her head over the fence between their backyards. “Could you turn it down please?” she asks, making sure she’s got his attention. He gives her a nod as he puts down the pulleys and leans over to his iPhone to turn it down. He sits there breathing heavily, thinking she could’ve been a bit nicer. He’ll make sure to keep it down from now on.

I took this observation and adapted it slightly to see what might be going on inside his head during this intense but ecstatic moment of clarity, achieved when you push yourself to the limit.

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