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Week 3 Reflection – Screen Lab Studio

Week 3 Reflection

In this week, I have learnt a short form cinema. It is the evolving position of short and episodic film and video content in today’s media landscape. Making a short film allows the filmmaker to dive into a subject or story cinematically without investing a lot of time and energy into the project. There is always room to expand it later. Short form Cinema was created to give storytellers & filmmakers a framework to tell compelling stories. I watched David Fincher’s cinema and Hiro Murai’s video as an example of shot construction and animation. Plus  I also have learnt some tips for digital recording levels, colour corrections, and LUTS. I have had a consult to pitch my story and get some feedback. It was good to hear some feedbacks about my rough cuts, from our studio leader, Cat Lew, and she gave some advices for better outcome of my assignment. 

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