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Week 1 Reflection – Screen Lab studio

Week 1 Reflection

It was the first session of the Screen Lab Studio. We started from Brainstorming ideas, and pre-production ideas. CELTX was the good way to start to make scripts and storyboard. The key learning from this week was a ‘three act structure’. The First Act is beginning, which is setting up the story world, the protagonist and antagonist and what’s at stake. The Second Act is a middle, which is giving confrontation. It shows shows the protagonist and antagonist battling over this goal. Things get increasingly complicated for the protagonist as the antagonist reveals new obstacles and challenges them to ever greater degrees. The Last Act is the end, which is a resolution. It brings the story to a resolution when either the protagonist or the antagonist win. I have also learnt some pre-production tips, which are 3 points lighting set-ups, composition of rule of thirds and the shots construction.

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