Brief 4 – Laura and Daisy

For this brief me and laura chose to do group B.

Video 1:

  • based on the poem ‘A ball is for throwing’
  • video by Daisy and poem/voiceover by Laura

Video 2:

  • Based on the poem ‘Blizzard’
  • Video by Laura and poem/subtitles by Daisy


Hope you enjoy and look forward to reading your feedback!

4 thoughts on “Brief 4 – Laura and Daisy

  1. Well done for cutting the video and responses together! It demonstrates how our attention is captured and lost in the movement from voice or text on screen, to image, back to sound… I’m interested in the number of things being explored in Laura’s video. There’s quite a lot going on! I think in relation to also having Daisy’s words there, some more time and space might be nice to really be able to hang on each of the moments.

    Daisy’s video is interesting in terms of how the framing of the body structures our attention, and how we then relate to the voiceover. Great work.

  2. Hey guys! I’ll start with video 1:

    I noticed straight away how the music, choreography and voiceover seem to sync up really nicely in pace and tone. Weaving Laura’s voice with these visuals communicated to me a kind of narrative form – as if the words belonged to Daisy’s “character”…
    I enjoyed all elements of the mise en scene – including the shadows and flickering light. I liked that the visuals didn’t transfer literally to the poem, though some movements did alude to a certain feeling.

    Video 2:
    I found this one quite dislocating – at times I couldn’t tell which way was up, or what exactly I was looking at. I found that this enticed me to look to the poem as if to ground me. The most vivid moments to me in this video was when I read the words “thrashed”, and leaves attacked the camera. I also liked that you returned to the imagery of the petals – for me it was a nice bookend.

  3. I really love the first video – as greta said the pace and tone of Laura’s voice is so nicely complimented by daisy’s movement, its almost as if daisy used this for inspiration for her movement (did she?)

    The colouring of the video is also very complimentary of the themes Laura is speaking about – I love the vignette esque affect you went with

  4. It’s really interesting to see Laura’s video in direct relation with Daisy’s poetic subtitles. The subtitles guided me through the image as a kind of ‘descriptor.’ And then on the other hand, to hear Laura’s voice accompany Daisy’s dance was refreshing. You guys are certainly dealing with quite a few different transposition aspects!

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